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Digital Design & Development, Creative, Marketing and Technology.

Ian Johnston is Peachy. 

An unusual and powerful combination of over 20 years in IT recruitment (Digital & ERP) and creative marketing recruitment (specialising in Brand & Design) + in-house creative agency experience.

Expect a targeted introduction service. Matching the best hidden talent to the right opportunities.

First time. No sweat. No wasted time, effort or money.

Peachy helps organisations deliver creative, digital and technology projects from design to development. Exploit Ian’s huge network. Agency and Clientside. Freelance & permanent. 


Juicy roles for the tastiest of talent.





Freelance Recruitment

Freelance recruitment. Deadlines looming? Do you have a project that needs delivered? Maternity or sick leave cover required? Brief me to find your freelance or contract resource. No up front fees.


Permanent Recruitment

Contingency permanent recruitment. Growing your team? Need some talent? Brief me. (No fee until you hire).


Personal Branding

Are you marketing yourself correctly? We can help define your story. Peachy offers a CV writing service. We’ll write and design your CV or self appraisal so that you stand out from the crowd.

Give yourself the best chance to get the role or promotion you want.


Search & Selection

Senior role? Sensitive role? Need an expert and guaranteed result? Appoint me.


Hire a project team

Don’t need a person? Have a brief ? Speak to our sister company, the Little Big Agency. Brand, design, campaign marketing, direct marketing, customer relationship marketing or content marketing. We’ve got it covered. 


Personality Profiles

Call us to arrange a DISC Personality Profile. 

Ensure your potential new team member is the right cultural fit for your business.The right personality for your team. Also available for individuals seeking to improve their performance and relationships.





“We are consulting firm building a new software product. Based in Gloucs,

I really wanted the first developer we recruited to be local to us and I didn’t hold out much hope of finding someone locally.

Reached out to Ian and within a couple of days we had found a great developer who is still with us… about an hour away…. great cultural fit…really really good experience, can’t do better than that!

So I would highly recommend Ian at Peachy, definitely have a chat with him, very knowledgeable and very well connected.”

Nick Burne

Founder and CEO, RAISETHRU

“When I decided to change career directions I wanted someone who recognised my skills as a full-stack developer to find the right firm with the right needs to keep me engaged. As I was coming out of the freelance arena, I also needed someone who knew tech AND business and could advise me with improving my CV to get the right interviews.

I cannot thank Ian enough for helping me through these measures as well as advising me on locations that would be better suited to my skill set, knowing companies directly to initiate interviews and finding me the perfect role with a brilliant mentor on a project that ticks all the boxes.

If you’re looking for talent for genuinely understanding business and the people within, you’ve found it with Ian”.

Jon Humphrey

Digital Director and Technical Consultant

“I am a Freelance Designer, Ian is an invaluable contact to have, I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are looking for the right talent for your agency or a talented UX / UI consultant / designer looking for your next adventure, he will find the perfect fit. As well as being a 1st rate recruiter Ian is a truly talented business development director. What’s more, he’s also an extremely nice guy.”

Richard Coverdale

Freelance Senior Integrated Designer

“Ian is an absolute pleasure to deal with, he managed to find and place a devloper in one of my client’s businesses within 5 days. Pretty impressive.”

Robin Waite

Freelance Senior Integrated Designer, Business Coach, Speaker & Author.

“Having found myself in the world of freelance, it’s been great having Ian’s help finding work along with his networking skills. As a business development director, he quickly understands clients’ businesses and design and marketing issues whilst able to offer creative solutions. A valued sounding board for the creative team, a good (albeit colour blind eye) for design and also a great recruiter to boot. I’d highly recommend Ian to anyone in need of Business Development or Recruitment!”

Chris Greenwood

Senior Designer

“Ian is a great recruitment partner and has sourced very good candidates (one of which we have now hired) for us. He’s personable and dedicated, and an effective and well networked recruiter. Happy to recommend him!”

James Cowdale

Owner & Creative Director , Third Floor Design

“Ian is a man of many talents. I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from three of them:

1. He’s found me a job as a Creative Director.
2. He’s found me talented creatives for my team.
3. He’s worked with me as my Business Director.

Ian is a great guy and takes the time to get to know everyone in his enviable network personally. From a recruitment perspective this means he’ll only ever match people with jobs that are right for them (which is perfect whether you’re looking for a job or looking to hire). And from a business perspective, it means he is great at finding new business and then retaining that business.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, you need to employ someone, or you need someone to take care of your marketing or advertising, I recommend that you make Ian your first port of call.”

Preston Rutt

Creative Director

“Despite being relatively fresh out of Uni, Ian took the time to meet me and properly understand my desired professional path. The resulting industry insight and opportunity he provided were spot on. Ian really does invest in getting to know you and what you want, ensuring the best possible match.”

Charlie Taylor

Account Director

“When I was in the process of looking for a new job Ian listened to what I wanted to do, where I saw myself and ensured me he could help. He was really positive and personable, making me feel at ease every time we talked. The first role he put me forward for I got! I will be forever grateful that he helped me as 2 years on I am still loving my job.”

Kelly Luders

Account Director

“I have known Ian for over 10 years. He has helped me greatly in my own professional design career and I have gained access to a very large variety of work through my contact with him and his company Identity. He’s an extremely trust-worthy, dedicated and professional individual with great knowledge of his field. Ian is a great character and a genuine people person. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Paul Abrahams

Senior Graphic Designer

“I’ve found Ian easy to work with because he knows the design sector well and he has integrity, treating businesses and candidates equally well. He works hard at matching candidates with the right job and aims to create long term relationships with clients. Overall a good guy to know as far a recruiters go!”

Ian Cochrane

Non-Exec Director, Mentor and Business Advisor

“Ian helped fill two roles (Account Manager and Senior Artworker) for our agency. He understood the brief from the outset and the candidates that he sent were on brief which saved time. Both hires are still employed!”

James Armstrong

Managing Director, Neighbour

“Ian took the time to understand the brief and make specific recommendations focusing on quality not quantity.”

David Mayer

Senior Partner, Lippincott

“I have worked with Ian on a number of occasions. You always feel that Ian puts your career objectives first, listening to what you are looking for, and only recommending really appropriate opportunities. A great approach as both a candidate or a client.”

Robbie Stringer

Brand Consultant

“I had the pleasure of coaching Ian as a new manager – some long while ago now! The thing about Ian I always appreciated is that he was always very bright and questioned everything – which might have made for a tricky time but in fact made for a much more interesting one. No-one could ever be bored working with Ian and I wish him every success.”

Jane Newell Brown

Management and leadership trainer, coach and HR professional

“Ian has been professional, welcoming and committed in every instance I’ve worked along side him. Always willing to go above and beyond for a client.”

Daniel Woods

Web Developer

Why Ian?


Save time. Talk to someone who speaks your language and listens. Creative agency experience and a psychology background. Not the usual recruiter DNA.



Not to be too blunt but you want the best talent or opportunity, don’t you? Not just the first person or role that comes along? Peachy knows the hidden gems you’ll want to meet and work with. 

Use my in-house creative agency experience and my vast network of tried and tested talent, which I’ve built up over 20 years. I’m connected.


Time well spent with you at the beginning of your recruitment process saves you pain in the long run. A great match first time is the aim.

Open yourself up to some gentle inquisition so I can do this properly. You don’t work without a decent brief and nor do I. 



Tell me your strengths and weaknesses. Projects you’re proud of. Trumpet your wins! Tell me about the big creative idea, the tech you love, the insights that made a difference. Tell me what really fires you up! I’m interested.

And, of course, it helps me to help you or your business if I actually know you. I love hearing ongoing stories and helping to write your next chapter.



Ever noticed how quickly recruiters give up? No low hanging fruit. No easy wins. And they’re off.

I will not rest until you get the outcome you want. Selective who I work with, so you’ll get a dedicated service.


Tired of putting energy into agents who disappear? Peachy is in it for the long run and we love forging long-term collaborative business partnerships.

I get a kick from seeing creative agencies grow, innovative digital startups thrive, new projects get off the ground and careers blossom.

Choose a reliable long-term ambassador and recruitment partner in Peachy.

Contact Peachy 


I’d love to hear from you.

If you are planning a creative or digital project, call me. You can find out how much you’ll have to budget for and how long it takes to deliver the talent you need. 

On the flip side, if you are looking for a new work adventure call me and I can let you know what’s out there at the moment. We can work out a plan for you.

Contact me directly:


T: 07532 308125



Peachy is based in Cirencester, in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. We work with people and organisations all over the UK and Europe.
Ian Johnston is Peachy

Ian Johnston is Peachy